A Dental Crown Replacement That Can Be Completed in One Day

2 September 2022
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A tooth that has undergone trauma may require a dental crown. Crowns are typically made in a laboratory, but computer imaging software is now offered in many dental offices. This type of prosthesis can be created during an office visit. A crown covers a damaged tooth from the gum line. It will make a tooth look nice and will allow it to function accurately. Same Day Office Visits Computer technology and cameras aid a dentist in designing a crown that is custom-fitted. Read More 

4 Expert Tips To Maintain Your Teeth After A Teeth Whitening Treatment

1 August 2022
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Whiter teeth can make you look more attractive. They can also boost your self-esteem. In-office teeth bleaching helps eliminate stains and discoloration. If you are interested in whitening your teeth, you might need to learn about some after-care tips to help prolong the remarkable results. Besides following your family dentist's instructions, the following are some tips to take care of your teeth after a whitening treatment. 1. Avoid Heavily Pigmented Food and Beverages Read More 

3 Common Restoration Procedures That A Dentist May Recommend

27 June 2022
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When living with cracked, fractured, stained, or missing teeth, you might find it hard to eat, smile, and carry out the other dental functions. Dental restoration is a great way to reinstate teeth to their functional state. The type of restorative work you will go through depends on the damage to your teeth. Here are three of the most common restoration procedures and ways they improve your oral health.  Getting Dental Implants Read More 

Can Your Child’s Primary Teeth Affect Their Permanent Teeth?

17 May 2022
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Primary teeth, also known as milk teeth, are crucial to a child's dental health. They aid in chewing and speaking and preserve space in the jaw for permanent teeth. Even though kids shed their milk teeth throughout childhood, these teeth can affect the eruption of permanent teeth and impact one's oral health. Therefore, it's crucial to care for milk teeth to avoid dental problems in the future. Below are the common dental issues in kids that can affect permanent teeth. Read More 

What Can Children’s Dental Care Specialists Do For Kids?

31 March 2022
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Kids need regular dental care to protect their teeth as they grow. However, a general dentist may not be the best choice of treatment provider for children. Pediatric dentists can meet the unique needs of children using specialized tools and knowledge gained through additional years of schooling. Here are some things that children's dental care specialists can do to provide kids and their parents with excellent service: 1. Show kids that there's nothing to be afraid of at the dentist's office Read More