A Dental Crown Replacement That Can Be Completed in One Day

2 September 2022
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A tooth that has undergone trauma may require a dental crown. Crowns are typically made in a laboratory, but computer imaging software is now offered in many dental offices. This type of prosthesis can be created during an office visit. A crown covers a damaged tooth from the gum line. It will make a tooth look nice and will allow it to function accurately.

Same Day Office Visits

Computer technology and cameras aid a dentist in designing a crown that is custom-fitted. This type of crown will be designed with the use of software. The imagery that a dentist acquires during an office visit will be transferred to a computer monitor where the dentist will be able to assess a damaged tooth and take note of any cracks, fissures, or signs of decay. Before a crown is designed, the damaged tooth may be cleaned.

If there is anything trapped inside the damaged portion of the tooth, including food particles, it should be removed from the tooth. A crown is essentially an artificial tooth cover. It will be sealed directly over the tooth. The roots of a tooth will still be anchoring the original tooth in place.

A same-day dental crown will act as a protective barrier and will prevent a damaged tooth from becoming damaged or decaying further. A patient may consult with their dentist, have imagery captured, and then be requested to wait in the seating area within a dental office. A dentist will prepare the crown prior to calling the patient back into the dental office.

The Creation And The Bonding Process

A solid block of dental porcelain is used to create same-day crowns. A crown will be cut from the block and will contain a texture that is similar to a natural tooth. Molars are teeth that may be fitted with a porcelain dental crown. These teeth have grooves and ridges along the top of them. A dental crown will also contain a texture that is similar. When a crown is made, tools are used to provide the sides of a tooth with a smooth, enamel-like surface.

The bonding of a crown is the final process essential in having a tooth treated. A dentist will use a special light to illuminate the area surrounding the damaged tooth. They will apply an adhesive to the tooth. Next, they will use a tool to slip the dental crown over the damaged tooth. The light will also assist with drying the adhesive.

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