What Is Acid Etching In Dentistry?

26 September 2019
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Dentists use a lot of different procedures and materials when fixing problems with teeth, and a common procedure used for a variety of purposes in dentistry is called acid etching. You may have had this done before and not even realized it. Here are several things to understand about what this is and why your dentist might use it. The purpose of acid etching Acid etching is a very common procedure used by dentists for a variety of services, but it has one main purpose. Read More 

Did Your Wisdom Teeth Push Your Others Out Of Alignment? 4 Benefits Of Getting Orthodontic Treatment As An Adult

24 August 2019
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The prospect of getting braces may have you feeling a little apprehensive, or you might embrace the idea of finally achieving a perfect smile. Unfortunately, wisdom teeth that manage to grow in can sometimes place pressure on your other teeth that causes them to shift out of place. While you may not love your newly crooked smile, the good news is that most adult tooth alignment problems are fairly simple to fix. Read More 

Three Reasons Why You Should Never Use Toothpicks

23 July 2019
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Toothpicks are everywhere at restaurants, and it seems like a great idea to pick one up and casually remove food debris from between your teeth. However, haven't you ever noticed that toothpicks are offered at restaurants, not dentists' offices? Here's why you should never use toothpicks for their intended purpose. Too Abrasive Toothpicks are made of wood, and wood is abrasive. Has your dentist ever told you that you should brush your teeth with light, gentle strokes? Read More 

Age Related Tooth Discoloration And Cosmetic Whitening Procedures

28 June 2019
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If you are getting older and you notice that your teeth appear a bit more yellow or brown than they used to look, then you are not seeing things. Aging can cause the teeth to appear darker and more stained. If you want to know why this happens and what your cosmetic dentist can do about it, keep reading. Why Do Aged Teeth Appear Stained? As you age, your teeth go through a significant amount of wear and tear. Read More 

3 Ways To Help Your Child Through Dentist Anxiety

30 May 2019
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If you have a child who is afraid of going to the dentist, even if you have taken them several times, there are ways that you can help them deal with that anxiety. If you can help them be less anxious, it will serve them well for the rest of their life. So, what are some of the things that you can do to help your child deal with that anxiety? Read More