4 Expert Tips To Maintain Your Teeth After A Teeth Whitening Treatment

1 August 2022
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Whiter teeth can make you look more attractive. They can also boost your self-esteem. In-office teeth bleaching helps eliminate stains and discoloration. If you are interested in whitening your teeth, you might need to learn about some after-care tips to help prolong the remarkable results. Besides following your family dentist's instructions, the following are some tips to take care of your teeth after a whitening treatment.

1. Avoid Heavily Pigmented Food and Beverages

Food and beverage with deep pigments are notorious for staining your teeth. The pigments will easily penetrate the newly bleached enamel, causing discoloration. Family dentists advise patients to avoid drinking red wine, grape juice, and coffee, especially after teeth whitening.

You might also want to avoid foods with high acidic content like citrus fruits. These types of foods weaken the enamel and may cause irritation and sensitivity. Caring for your teeth after the bleaching process will set the pace to keep your teeth sparkling white.

2. Consider Quitting Smoking

Tobacco has a huge discoloring effect on teeth. Your family dentist might ask you to avoid smoking cigarettes in the first few days after whitening, but it is advisable to make it a lifestyle change. Some patients opt to use abrasive whitening toothpaste to counter recurrent tooth stains when they can't quit smoking. Unfortunately, abrasive products cause more harm than good. They slowly erode the enamel, eventually damaging and darkening the tooth. It is best to quit smoking to enjoy a perfect smile.

3. Set Up Follow-Up Treatments

Although in-office whitening treatments offer immediate results, they are not permanent. Over time, as you indulge in coffee, dark chocolate, and wine, you might notice slow discoloration of your teeth. Like professional tooth cleaning, you could schedule touch-up treatments with your family dentist. A quick touch-up will help eliminate the stains and restore your teeth to that perfect glow.

4. Use the Recommended Products

Your family dentist might recommend specific products to protect your teeth after the treatment. Patients experience tooth sensitivity after the bleaching treatment, which subsides with time. Going back to using your old toothpaste could aggravate the sensitivity.

Consider using the products recommended by your dentist. They might recommend using a soft-bristled toothbrush and a mild paste to protect your enamel from deterioration. If you experience an unending irritation or sensitivity, consider setting an appointment with the dentist for help.

After teeth whitening, your teeth should retain their whiteness if you keep up with proper dental care and follow your family dentist's instructions. Visit the dentist today to get your teeth whitened. You will enjoy a great smile for an extended period if you follow these simple tips. For more information, contact a family dentist near you.