When You Should Make An Appointment With A Family Dentist

18 May 2023
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No matter how old you are, you should never put off trips to the dentist's office. Seeing the dentist regularly can help you maintain a healthy smile. However, how do you know when it is necessary to make an appointment at your dentist's office?

Here are a few signs that you should make an appointment with a family dentist.

Your Tooth Chips or Breaks

Teeth are strong, but that does not mean that they are completely resistant to chips and breaks. For example, if you fall down or bite into something hard, you can chip or break a tooth. If this happens, it is important to see a family dentist as soon as possible. Chipped and broken teeth can be painful and more susceptible to infection.

You Have Headaches

If you get frequent headaches, you might not think to turn to turn to your dentist. However, if you tend to get headaches when you first wake up in the morning, you may be grinding your teeth while you sleep. Teeth grinding can wear down the enamel of your teeth after a while. Your dentist may give you a custom mouthguard to wear.

You Are Pregnant

If you just found out that you're pregnant, it may be time to make an appointment with your family dentist. Pregnant women have a higher chance of developing gum disease. A dentist can look for early signs of gum disease and other dental health issues.

Your Tooth Hurts

Tooth pain is not something to be ignored. A toothache can indicate tooth decay, abscess, gum disease, or other dental health problems. If you do not address the toothache soon, it can get worse and cause you great discomfort. Your dentist can figure out the cause and recommend the proper treatment.

You Have a Loose Dental Filling

Nowadays, dental fillings are quite strong. However, they can still endure wear and tear over time and become loose. If a dental filling has come loose, it is important to contact your family dentist as soon as possible. If a filling is loose, your tooth will not be protected from decay. 

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, it is wise to make an appointment with your family dentist as soon as possible. Your dental health should be one of your top priorities. The sooner you address a dental issue, the easier it will be to fix it.  

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