What Can Children's Dental Care Specialists Do For Kids?

31 March 2022
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Kids need regular dental care to protect their teeth as they grow. However, a general dentist may not be the best choice of treatment provider for children. Pediatric dentists can meet the unique needs of children using specialized tools and knowledge gained through additional years of schooling. Here are some things that children's dental care specialists can do to provide kids and their parents with excellent service:

1. Show kids that there's nothing to be afraid of at the dentist's office

If your child is nervous about going to the dentist, bad experiences can further reinforce their fear. On the other hand, positive experiences can show kids that there's nothing to be afraid of. Children's dental care specialists can put kids' minds at ease with gentle, compassionate care. Many pediatric dentists have stuffed animals and other toys available for kids to hold during their treatment, which can make going to the dentist's office fun.

2. Invite parents to stay for their child's dental treatment

Many young children are especially attached to their parents, and having a parent nearby can be a powerful form of comfort. Children's dental care specialists understand this and are willing to make accommodations. Parents can feel free to stay with their child in the treatment room throughout their child's dental procedure. This can put parents and kids at ease and make for a better dental appointment.

3. Use specially designed mouthpieces to keep kids safe and comfortable during dental procedures

During dental procedures, patients must open their mouths wide to provide access to their teeth. However, kids' muscles are still developing and may tire easily. Children's dental care specialists can offer the use of specially designed mouthpieces to allow kids to rest their jaws during treatment. These mouthpieces can help kids keep their mouths open for extended periods of time. They can also ensure that kids' tongues and cheeks stay out of the way of dental drills to prevent accidents. Some modern mouthpieces even include built-in suction to keep kids' mouths clear of saliva during their dental appointment.

4. Provide emergency dental services and advice

When a child wakes up with a toothache or cracks a tooth while playing sports, a trip to the dentist's office is in order. Children's dental care specialists can offer emergency dental services to kids experiencing tooth pain or injuries. Dentists can also provide advice to help parents keep their kids safe and comfortable until they can arrive at the dentist's office.

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