How Cosmetic Veneers Can Transform Your Smile

3 May 2019
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Veneers have come a long way from when they first came out. With people like Hilary Duff who got veneers that were a little too big for their mouths, dental veneers used to get a bad rap, but that's definitely not the case anymore. In fact, cosmetic veneers can look natural while also transforming your smile into something that every Instagram star would be jealous of. But, what exactly can cosmetic veneers do to make you get that smile? Read on to learn some more. 

Fix Crooked Teeth

It used to be that the only way that you could get rid of crooked teeth was with a mouth full of metal braces. But before you start having nightmares of being called, "metal mouth," you may be surprised to know that cosmetic veneers can actually correct a crooked smile. By sanding down your crooked teeth and then placing straight veneers over the top, you will have the appearance of a straight smile in almost no time. The only thing to know about cosmetic veneers for crooked teeth is that they can't fix jaw problems. 

Fix Discolored Teeth

One of the biggest reasons why patients opt to get cosmetic veneers is that they can fix discolored teeth. If you are sick of whitening your teeth all of the time or if your teeth are discolored and can't be fixed with whitening, then veneers can help. During your initial consultation with your cosmetic dentist, they will help you choose a shade of veneers that's bright, white, but still natural-looking. 

Fix the Size of Your Teeth 

Have you always wanted to have larger teeth, but you just weren't born with them? Large teeth (not too large) can make your smile look more enhanced and mature. During your consultation with your cosmetic dentist, they will help you choose veneers for your mouth that will help you get that perfect smile that you've been wanting to have. A good thing about veneers is that if they put them on and they are too large, they can usually sand them down a little bit to make them smaller. 

Having a perfect smile may require a bit of cosmetic dentistry. If you want to fix multiple cosmetic dental imperfections, then consider getting cosmetic veneers to perfect your smile. To learn some more, reach out to a cosmetic dentist near you and schedule a consultation with them. One thing to know, however, is that cosmetic dentistry typically isn't covered by your dental insurance.