Advantages Of Choosing A Crown To Cover A Discolored Tooth

1 February 2019
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Many dental patients rely on dental crowns to fix teeth that have severe cavities or other structural issues, but you might be surprised to hear your dentist recommend a crown as a solution to a tooth that is severely discolored. Teeth can get discolored for many reasons, including through your own habits such as smoking, as well as simply because of age. If you're not pleased with the look of a discolored tooth, your dentist can take a rendering of your mouth and have a crown built that will cover the tooth. Here are some advantages of using this dental procedure to deal with this type of problem.

It Instantly Improves The Appearance

While you won't get a bright white crown because it will look unrealistic, your dentist will choose a shade of off-white that is consistent with your other teeth. This will immediately improve the appearance of the discolored tooth and make you happy when you look in the mirror. This can be a better solution than, for example, a series of whitening appointments. While whitening can definitely help a lot of patients, there are those whose teeth are so discolored that whitening can have less of an impact. If you're in this situation, a crown will be better.

It's Stronger Than A Veneer

Another option that you can consider when you have a severely discolored tooth is to have a dental veneer placed over it. There are lots of advantages of doing so, and this procedure, too, will change the look of the tooth and your overall smile for the better. You'll often find that crowns are more durable than dental veneers, however, and if you're the type of person who worries about causing harm to dental work from eating certain foods, you're likely better off going with a crown over a veneer.

It Can Correct Other Issues

A dental crown is also handy because it can correct other issues that the tooth may be experiencing beyond discoloration. For example, if the tooth has a slight chip in it that you've always felt embarrassed about, or it has a filling that is visible, a crown can cover these visual issues and essentially give the tooth a brand-new appearance. If you're ready to bid farewell to your discolored tooth, book a dental appointment, and discuss what a crown might do for you and your issue with your local dental professional.