Habits That Might Lead You To Need Cosmetic Dental Work

2 January 2019
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

You are probably aware of the fact that taking care of your teeth is vital if you expect them to last and look nice, but you might not realize that some of the habits you have are actually causing a lot of damage to your teeth. Damage from certain habits can lead a person to need cosmetic dental work in the future, and here are some of the most damaging habits people have that often lead them to need cosmetic dental work.

Aggressive brushing habits

A lot of people think that brushing their teeth with a great amount of force is a good idea, as they assume this will clean their teeth better. Unfortunately, brushing your teeth in an aggressive manner may not offer a better cleaning experience. Instead, it might actually damage your teeth more than help your teeth. When you brush too hard, you could be scraping enamel right off your teeth. If this happens, your teeth will discolor a lot faster, and they will be prone to sensitivity issues as well as an increased risk of decay.

Clenching and grinding while sleeping

The second habit you may have that will destroy your teeth is clenching and grinding. Unfortunately, this habit is a hard one to break, though, as most people do not know they are even doing it. When you clench and grind while sleeping, you have the potential to wear your teeth down. Not only will this make your teeth shorter, but it will also lead to sensitivity and enamel erosion. If this happens, you may end up needing veneers or crowns to cover your teeth that were affected by this habit.

Using your teeth for the wrong things

The other habit you may do that is very bad for your teeth is using your teeth for the wrong things. For example, do you bite your nails? If so, this could be damaging your teeth. Additionally, if you open up packages with your teeth, this too could damage your teeth. Using your teeth for the wrong things can lead to misaligned teeth, shortened teeth, and many other problems.

If you have any of these habits, you should try to stop them and develop better habits for your teeth. Your teeth will stay healthier and nicer looking if you can stop doing these types of things. If you have questions or need help with your teeth, contact cosmetic dentists like those at Dansville Family Dental Care.