When You First Get Dentures

10 January 2017
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If you are planning on going in for dentures, then you should prepare yourself for what you can expect them to feel like when you first get them. You'll want to be aware of the things you are going to have to do in order to feel comfortable in them as soon as possible and what normal parts of your daily routine may be affected by them. This article will serve as a helpful guide when it comes to giving you the extra knowledge you want regarding your new dentures.

Be prepared to give yourself plenty of breaks

Be ready for the first few days with the dentures in to be difficult. Even when they fit exactly the way they should, you will experience some irritation and slight pain in areas where they are rubbing on your gums. While there will be times when you have to take them out and give your gums a break, you will also want to be sure that you aren't giving yourself too much of a break, since you will only be prolonging the amount of time it takes to get used to wearing them full time.

Swish warm salt water around in your mouth

When you remove the dentures for a short break, you can rinse your mouth out with a little bit of warm salt water. This will help you to soothe your gums, and it will also help to reduce the chances of you ending up with an infection inside your mouth.

Make sure you use denture adhesive correctly

Make sure you ask your dentist whether or not it would be a good idea for you to use a denture adhesive. While an adhesive is great at helping to keep dentures in place on some, they can also be a bad idea for others and your dentist would be the best person to know whether or not you should be using it. If you do end up putting adhesive on your dentures, you only want to use a very small amount, and you always want to remove all of it from the dentures each time you take them out of your mouth.

Watch what you eat

When you first have dentures, it's important for you to pay attention to the foods you eat. If you find that a certain food is more difficult than you expected to eat in dentures, then you should make a note to stay away from that food. Eating foods that are real sticky or very hard can damage your dentures.

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