2 Herbal Teas To Soothe Inflammation While Battling A Pulpal Infection

22 December 2016
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A pulpal infection is usually removed by undergoing a surgical procedure like a root canal. This procedure is designed to go below your tooth and remove the infection from your dental pulp. Before the procedure is carried out, you may experience inflammation around your infected tooth. The inflammation makes the tooth appear swollen, red, and tender to the touch. This inflammation can make it extremely uncomfortable for you to speak. Fortunately, there are a few teas that you can use to help soothe your inflammation while battling a pulpal infection.

Barley Grass Herbal Tea

Barley grass has a distinct earthy smell that makes it popular for herbal tea recipes. Aside from the smell, the herb also contains anti-inflammatories. These anti-inflammatories aid in offering relief in a time of sickness and infection. When battling a serious dental infection like a pulpal infection it will help to soothe all signs of inflammation. In order to get the best benefit from barley grass, you should use it in its dried form. Add a spoonful of dried barley grass to a cup of hot water and allow the herb to soak in the cup for a few hours before touching. Squeeze a bit of lemon in the cup and use a spoon to mix it around. Drink the tea a few times a day in order to ease any inflammation.

Wild Cherry Bark Tea

Wild cherry bark is not as common as barley grass but it is still available in grocery stores in dried form. The herb is commonly used because it contains anti-inflammatory properties. These properties can be used to ease both external and internal inflammation. Add a spoonful of the dried herb to a small pot of water and set it on the stove to boil. Once it boils, set it aside for a few minutes until it cools down and is safe to drink. Wild cherry bark has a strong herbal smell; therefore, the aroma may be overpowering when drinking the tea. In order to tone it down, you can add a few drops of lime or lemon juice to your tea. Drink the wild cherry tea after all your meals in order to get ahead of your inflammation.

Dealing with a pulpal infection can really make it hard to get through a day without any discomfort from inflammation. Fortunately, herbal teas are some of the best remedies to handle this issue. Use these teas to get your inflammation in check. For more tips, contact a dental clinic like Peak Family Dentistry & Orthodontics.