Veneer Myths You Should Overlook

17 November 2015
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

For people who have excessive decay, chipped teeth or severe discoloration, veneers are an excellent option. Unfortunately, some people miss their opportunity to enhance their smile with this procedure because of myths. Make sure you can decipher fact from fiction.

Color Isn't Realistic

A common concern is the idea that veneers only come in a bright white, unrealistic shade. The reality is that veneers are available in a range of shades. During the veneer design phase, your provider will match your veneer to the color of your teeth to ensure it matches it's a perfect match to any remaining natural teeth you have. Should you plan to have veneers installed over all of your teeth, you can pick any shade that you desire. Either way, you will be left with a realistic smile.

Veneers Aren't As Durable As Enamel

Make sure you aren't confusing porcelain veneers with a porcelain doll or other decorative figure. Doing so may cause you to fall for the myth that veneers aren't as durable as enamel. The reality is that porcelain isn't just as durable as enamel, but it may even be stronger than your natural teeth. Some of the common substances used to design veneers, including zirconium, lithium disilicate and feldspathic are used to keep your veneers strong.

I'll Develop Sensitivity Issues

The idea that veneers will somehow make your teeth more sensitive is partially true, but not in the manner that some people think. When you first have your teeth trimmed down and have your temporary veneers installed, it's not uncommon to experience some level of sensitivity. However, this feeling is attributed to the fact that you have just had your teeth shaven, not the veneers themselves. Once you have your permanent veneers installed, much of the sensitivity will have passed.

Too Expensive

The average cost of a single veneer is somewhere between $925 and $2,500. Although you might not be able to write a check on the spot for this amount, this doesn't mean you can't pay to have this procedure performed. Some dental offices have financing programs that allow you to spread out the cost of the procedure. Additionally, if you are able to pay a large portion of the cost up-front, some providers will offer a discount for paying in cash.

Don't let myths keep you from having a beautiful smile. Speak with your dental provider to see just how veneers can help enhance your smile. One place you can call is Advanced Family Dental Care LLC.