3 Signs That You Should Seek Dental Treatment Before Your Next Bi-Annual Appointment

14 May 2015
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

No one enjoys it, but regular visits to the dentist are what keep your teeth healthy and prevent further issues down the line. Even if you visit the dentist every six months, you may be experiencing symptoms that require more frequent care. Below are three signs that you should visit your dentist sooner than your next scheduled appointment. 

Sensitivity to Hot and Cold

It's more than an inability to enjoy ice cream or sip your hot coffee in the morning - sensitivity to hot and cold can be a sign of serious dental problems. 

At the center of each tooth is a network of nerves and blood vessels - exposure of the nerves can lead to the pain and sensitives mentioned above. Failure to seek out dental care at the first twinges of pain can lead to more permanent issues, which may require a root canal or extraction to correct. 

Color Changes of the Tongue, Gums, or Palates

The color of the tissues within your mouth can tell you - and your dentist - a lot about your health. When brushing your teeth, it's important to do an inspection of such tissues to ensure they're of the proper color. 

White, or otherwise pale patches within the mouth, can indicate anemia which should be treated promptly. White can also be signs of a yeast infection, also known as thrush. If your gums are redder than usual, this can be a sign that you aren't brushing and flossing properly and are beginning to develop gum disease, which should be brought to the attention of your dentist if more regular dental care doesn't remedy the issue. 

Unusual Pain

Dentists do more than deal with teeth - they also care for the surrounding tissues and structures. These include the tongue, the gums, the cheeks, palates, and even jaw bones. 

If you have pain in these areas, it's important to have it evaluated and treated by your dentist. Depending on the problem, treatment can prevent further pain, infection, and high medical bills. The pain can be an indication of many issues, and visiting your dentist like Kenneth G Edwards as early as possible can lead to early detection of oral cancer, and other troubling dental and overall health problems. 

If you're concerned about your dental health, it's important that you schedule an appointment with your dentist. Your dentist can help to diagnose and treat your problems, and prevent further dental issues.