Things You Can Do To Help Ensure That Your Dental Implant Is Successful

4 December 2017
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A dental implant can effectively replace the root of a tooth that has been lost due to gum disease, decay, or a blow to the mouth. The implant is drilled through the gums into the bone of the jaw. Once the implant has been surgically positioned, the wound created by the procedure begins to heal.  Your jawbone responds to the trauma of the implant's placement by generating more bone cells. The cells close the gap between the implant and the bone, sealing the device firmly into position. Read More 

Pearly Whites Without All That Scraping

2 November 2017
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Seeing a dentist can be nerve-wracking for many people, but the good news is that the science of dentistry is always improving and evolving. For some people, just the idea of having one's teeth scraped or a metal tool being used to get the build-up out from under the gumline is enough to make their skin crawl. Thankfully, these techniques are becoming less common due to new tools. If you've avoided seeing the dentist for years out of fear of the scraping and picking, read on to learn how you could end up avoiding it during your next visit. Read More 

When Your Dentist May Recommend A Dental Cleaning

6 October 2017
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Dental cleanings are an important part of routine care for your teeth and mouth. Cleaning removes plaque and tartar you might not be able to remove by brushing at home. This reduces your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. You should get your teeth cleaned as often as your dentist suggests, which is commonly about every six months. Here are some other times when you may need to have your teeth cleaned: Read More 

4 Tips for Preventing Plaque Buildup on Your Teeth

8 September 2017
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Plaque is a sticky film caused by bacteria in the mouth that builds up on teeth. If plaque builds up too much, tartar can form and it is much more difficult to remove. It is in your best interest to be diligent about preventing plaque build up on your teeth if your want to keep your teeth healthy and free from decay. Some easy ways to prevent plaque build up include: Read More 

Things That You Can Do To Put Your Dental Implant At Risk

13 August 2017
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A dental implant restoration is an effective way to restore your looks and chewing ability after losing a tooth. However, there are things that you can do to place your implant at risk. Here are a few of them: Neglect Brushing and Flossing A dental implant is not made of living or organic material, so it cannot decay. However, failing to brush and floss regularly can still affect the viability of the appliance. Read More