Reasons to Look Up an Emergency Dental Care Center in Your Area Before You Need Help

14 September 2021
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

You likely already have a dentist that you go to for regular checkups, cleanings, and perhaps the occasional filling or root canal. But is your dentist available around the clock, including on weekends or at a moment's notice for emergency dental care? Not every dentist offers this service, and if your current dentist does not, it might be a good idea to look around your area now before you actually need help. Here's why it might be a good idea to find an emergency dentist near you today.

You May Have a Limited Amount of Time to Save a Tooth

When a tooth is knocked loose or completely out of your mouth, the clock starts ticking. If you want to save the tooth and have it put firmly back into place, you should drop the tooth into a container of milk and get to your emergency dentist immediately. But if you don't know exactly who to call or where to go when the incident happens, you are going to waste precious minutes looking for one while you are also likely dealing with some pain. But if you can go to the clinic or pick up the phone right away, you'll have a better chance of keeping all of your teeth intact.

You or Your Child Plays Sports on the Weekends

Emergency dental problems can happen to anyone but perhaps you know you are taking part in an activity that puts you at greater risk of an incident, or maybe it's your child you are worried about. If you are a weekend warrior and play lots of sports or your child is getting into contact sports in school, you never know when a hard play is going to result in a tooth going flying. Give yourself peace of mind by knowing exactly where you would go for help if this would happen.

Sometimes the Pain Really Is That Bad and You Can't Wait Until Monday

You don't have to have a major incident or accident to need emergency dental care. Maybe you were just biting down on some hard potato chips or candy and all of a sudden, you find yourself dealing with a broken tooth. A broken tooth can be excruciating if the root is still active and you might not want to wait for your normal dentist to get back to the office the next day or after a long weekend. An emergency dentist can provide immediate relief.

For more information, contact local emergency dental care clinics.