What Warrants An Emergency Dental Appointment?

22 October 2019
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Do you need an emergency dentist? Many people are unsure when they experience a dental emergency. In fact, some people wait until it is far too late to receive essential treatment for a dental issue that should be classified as an emergency. Want to learn how to spot an emergency right away? This is how you know you have an emergency on your hands.

Something Fell Out of Your Mouth

Be on the lookout any time something falls out of your mouth, whether it is a crown, filling, or tooth. The issue could be something as small as part of a tooth or filling, but you should still see an emergency dentist. A thing falling out of your mouth is an indicator that you need to take quick action to remedy the situation.

You Experience Intense Pain

The pain you feel could be an indicator that something is terribly wrong in your mouth. Nerve pain often results from chipped teeth, broken crowns, broken fillings, and broken dental implants. For many, the pain is extreme because a nerve has become exposed to the elements. In fact, any situation in which the pain in your mouth is so overwhelming that it impacts the rest of your life should indicate to you that there is a larger issue at play. Make no mistake: this is an emergency.

Your Gums Are Bleeding Severely

In some cases, swelling and bleeding gums indicate something that seems innocuous, like plaque buildup. Over time, this symptom can actually worsen and lead to an abscess, or infection. The result could be severe pain that leads to destroyed gums and even teeth that fall out. This is a dental emergency, especially if the symptoms are accompanied by other issues like migraines and heart disease.

You Can't Tell What's Wrong

Have you felt that something was wrong with your teeth, but you just couldn't pin it down? Maybe something suddenly looks strange, or your bite feels a bit different. An emergency dentist can perform x-rays to pinpoint the issue and repair your smile as quickly as possible.

Make an Emergency Dental Appointment Today

Schedule an emergency dental appointment right away if any of these things have happened to you. You need immediate treatment if any of these issues occur, and treatment could be as simple as repairing a filling or as complex as a root canal. In the meantime, your condition could worsen if you do not call your dentist.

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