Did Your Wisdom Teeth Push Your Others Out Of Alignment? 4 Benefits Of Getting Orthodontic Treatment As An Adult

24 August 2019
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The prospect of getting braces may have you feeling a little apprehensive, or you might embrace the idea of finally achieving a perfect smile. Unfortunately, wisdom teeth that manage to grow in can sometimes place pressure on your other teeth that causes them to shift out of place. While you may not love your newly crooked smile, the good news is that most adult tooth alignment problems are fairly simple to fix. This is especially likely if your teeth were pretty straight before your wisdom teeth grew in. Now that you've taken care of those troublesome wisdom teeth, you can move forward with your orthodontic treatment while enjoying these benefits of doing it as an adult.

You Have More Options

If you had braces as a child, then you likely had a traditional metal set. This is because young children are not always considered responsible enough to remember to keep their removable braces in their mouths. With clear trays, you can expect to move through your treatment easily without some of the discomforts that might occur with traditional metal braces.

You Know How to Care for Your Teeth

As an adult, you should already have an oral hygiene routine included in your schedule. Not only do you know how to brush and floss properly, but you are also capable of remembering to do those little extra things that go along with wearing braces. For instance, you can remember to soak your clear plastic aligner trays as you are directed to do on a regular basis. You'll also remember to brush the trays anytime you eat and are ready to put them back in your mouth.

You Can Prevent Future Oral Health Problems

Adult orthodontic treatment is not always about aesthetics. Crooked teeth create the perfect place for bacteria to build up in between the tight spaces. Tartar and plaque that build up in between crooked teeth lead to cavities and gum disease. Opening up those spaces makes your oral hygiene routine more effective so that you are less likely to experience issues as you get older.

You Can Expect Long-Lasting Results

By the time you reach your late teens to 20s, your teeth have mostly moved into their permanent positions. Although your wisdom teeth temporarily threw things out of alignment, you can expect that the results of your orthodontic treatment will stick. Knowing that you likely won't need another round of braces in a few years is worth doing them now as an adult.

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