Here's Why Dental Implants Are the Most Realistic-Feeling Tooth Replacements

27 March 2019
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

If you're looking for help with having one of your teeth replaced, there are a lot of choices that you can make. One of the best ones, however, is dental implants. If you're curious about how these implants feel when they're in your mouth, then you should know that they're actually one of the most natural-feeling kinds that you can have. Here are three reasons why.

Supported by Your Gums

Most tooth replacements aren't actually supported by the natural structures of your mouth that are responsible for holding up your real teeth. Dental bridges and dentures both sit on top of your gums, so they're not taking advantage of them except to hold them up.

Dental implants are, well, implanted. The gum tissue will naturally grow to surround the dental implant, and after fully healing and reforming, it will help to hold that implant in place. This ensures that your new artificial tooth doesn't move around or become detached as other tooth replacement methods can.

Supported by Your Bones

Dental implants aren't just held in place by your gums. They're also supported by the bones of your jaw, just like real teeth are.

You might not realize it, but the average tooth is quite long, and for good reason. In addition to allowing you to chew, teeth help to keep your jaw strong by allowing bite pressure to travel through the bone. Pressure encourages bones to grow, which is why doctors often recommend lifting weights for people with low bone density.

When you put an implant in place of where your tooth used to be, it picks up the slack and starts transferring pressure in the same way as a real tooth.

Custom Made

Lastly, dental implants feel as comfortable as they do because they're perfectly made for you. This isn't a one-size-fits-all situation; an implant is chosen for you based on your personal needs. The length and width of the implant itself will be based upon the size of the tooth it's supporting and the strength of your jaw. In addition, the tooth that tops it is perfectly sized and shaped for your jaw and surrounding teeth. The replacement tooth will match in every way, and you may not even remember that it's there soon after getting it put in.

Your tooth replacement will fit in your mouth perfectly and will be extremely comfortable because of choosing dental implants. Call a dentist today to ask more questions about implant dentistry.