Guiding Your Child Through Their First Dental Appointment

22 July 2018
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Is your child getting ready for their first dentist appointment? If so, they may not know what to expect. Walking them through the process will help them get ready for what will happen, since they will easily anticipate what the next step will be. Here is what you should explain to them.

The Waiting Room

When you arrive at the dentist, you'll have to wait in the waiting room. Even if you arrive on time, let them know they may have to wait a while for the dentist to finish up with their previous patient. Tell your child that someone will call their name when it is their turn so to pay attention and listen for it.

The Cleaning

Your child will be brought to a dental chair where they will meet the dental hygienist to perform the cleaning. Sometimes their dentist actually does the cleaning, but they often leave it to an assistant. If you went to a kid-friendly dentist, there may be colorful things to look at on the ceiling or a TV with a show playing that your child can watch.

Let your child know that the hygienist essentially does a really thorough job of brushing their teeth by using special tools that will remove all of the germs that are stuck on the surface. For instance, they'll use a special dental pick so that they can get the germs out of the nooks and crannies of each tooth. Your child will need to be very still when using these tools and be prepared to keep their mouth open for a while.

The hygienist will then polish the teeth using a special flavored substance that is similar to toothpaste. It comes in fun flavors, like mint or bubble gum, and they'll get to decide on what flavor they want for their teeth.

The Exam

X-rays will be taken to see what is happening under your child's gums. Let them know that these are special photographs that let the dentist see the bones inside their body.

The dentist will then come in and look at the x-rays for potential problems with their teeth. They'll then do an inspection of their neck, mouth, and jaw to look for anything that is not normal and take a closer look at any teeth that the hygienist thought may have a cavity. If everything looks good, you'll schedule the next appointment for 6 months from now and enjoy having very clean teeth!

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